Manufactured Products

OFC Patch Cords with SC/ST/LC/MTRJ/FC Connectors, customised lengths on request. LIUs (Loaded/Unloaded)
FRLS Patch Cables 12 Port LIU
FR Patch Cables 24 Port LIU
LSZH Patch Cables 48 Port LIU
Conventional Patch Cables  

Distributed Products

At ADH, we supply the complete range of UTP products, OFC products, Network Servers, Switches, Firewall, UPS, Workstations/Desktops, Network Racks, Server Racks as well as Power Cables and accessories of reputed Makes along with OEM support and warranty.

Fibre Optic Cable and Fibre Components

  • We are system integrators for LAN & WAN
  • Authorised Sales Partner with AKSH OF LTD. for entire range of Fibre Optic Cables like Single Mode Cable, Multi Mode Cable and ADSS cables.
  • Authorised Reseller of various Passive & Active Components.
  • We also deal in Fixtures for self Supporting Metal Free Aerial Optic Fibre Cable.
  • Fibre Optic Cable:

    Single Mode Fibre Optic Cable
    Multimode Fibre Optic Cable
    ADSS Fibre Optic Cable

  • LIU
  • Pigtails and patch Cords

NOTE: We supply fibre accessories of ADH MAKE as well as all other standard makes.

Besides , LAN Networking items , we also provide other IT Solutions such as :

  • Ethernet Cable, Jack Panel, IO Box, LIU, Patch Cords Connecters, Networking Racks
  • PVC, HDPE & GI pipes of all sizes
  • Monitors
  • Printers, Mouse, CPU, UPS
  • CCTV Camera
  • Switches, Routers, Media converters
  • Coaxial cable, RS485 cable
  • Glands & lugs

ERECTION OF RTU/Control centre

  • Erection of Panel ( Grouting / by Tag Welding )
  • Laying of power cable from existing DCDB and
    ACDB to Panel and termination.
  • Laying, termination and tagging of all signal Cables
  • Laying Ethernet cables and termination for LDMS
  • Installation of GPS & Antenna
  • Provisioning of erection materials like ( Lug / Glands / Flexible Conduit (GI ) / connectors / Tags / C Chanel etc. )
  • Erection of Weather sensors on roof top and laying and termination of associated cables.
  • Installation of FSK Modem as per site requirement and communication cables .
  • Installation of LDMS System ( PC ) and LAN cables